Welcome to the desert

Day five 35km, 35km * 8% average slope
Today was a sweet day. Got a happily planned late start. As a result we didn’t get too far today, but that is OK. Most of the day was uphill, in the desert. Traffic was the best it has been all trip. The views were also spectacular. No dogs, no barking, no chasing, it was also nice.

A cactus, a sure sign you are in the desert.

The morning started with charging our electronics, and drying out our tent, sleeping bags, clothing, thermarests etc. It has been pretty crazy, the condensation we have been getting each night is unbelievable, our tent was soaked the first night and really hasn’t had a chance to dry out yet. That is until this morning. Once that was dry we packed our gear in a more intelligent way. We have not really had a couple hours to pack our gear in the best way yet this trip, we always are biking until just before dark, eating dinner until it is dark and then going to sleep when it is dark. So to have a few hours in the morning was really nice.

Our campsite, a bit of a mess in the morning, but what needs to happen your touring.

Once we got all our bikes packed with our 30L of water, we headed out to the desert. The vistas were amazing today. I am often reminded of Nirvana’s song Plateau. We were on a plateau and we were in Mexico. There were also many plateaus in the distance. Another neat sight was the cactus’. They are everywhere, it is kind of like a forest, as far as the eye could see there was cactus. I never really knew that there were so many different types of cactus, there is tall cactus, short cactus, prickly cactus, cactus with leafy leaves and cactus with spines.

Today I had they best Mexican food I have had since I have been in Mexico, and we made it ourselves. Don’t get me wrong, the food that have been having to this point have been great, but the food we made today had a little bit of a Canadian touch. We had tacos, with re-fried beans, some rice, cilantro and lime, some salsa. It was very delicious.

We started a fire tonight, which will be great, now we can stay up after dark and socialize a little, and this will be a great way to stay warm as well (remember our sleeping bags got a little wet, and they are down).

Posted from El Aguajito, Baja California, Mexico
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