We made it

Well we did, we are now in San Jose del Cabo. The final destination, the last stop. It was fun, we have a couple of days left. We are thinking of taking a bus to Cabo san Lucas tomorrow and see what that place is all about. But all we have heard is that it is full of you tourists and Mexicans trying to sell crap to tourists. So ya we are not sure if we want stay there very long. We are trying to find something to do in San Jose del Cabo (we could eat, drink, or buy things). We want something more. There is a couple of beaches here, so we will probably check those out and there are a number of art galleries here, so we may check those out as well. Wednesday will be filled with us trying to find a box for our bikes and packing them up (what fun that will be).

Our last day was 77km, and this was the day that had more dead cows then any other day. In fact if there is one smell of Mexico that will stand out as that odd smell that reminds us of Mexico, it will be rotting cow carcass (India had its own combination of smells of two stroke exhaust, inscents, cardamon, Nepal had a smell of donkey piss). Every country has a certain smell, not always a pleasant smell, but always a pleasant memory. The roads were really busy. We were a little surprised, but not that surprised. It is election day. Every car that passed us was packed full of Mexicans, only 3 none Mexican vehicles on the road and no big rigs. It was brutal at times, but the last 14km were four lanes with a shoulder (although it was half covered in sand).

When we arrived in San Jose del Cabo, we decided where we would stay. It was decided that we should stay in a hotel. So we looked around. After looking at about 5 rooms, we decided to go for the first one we found. A nice little place with only 5 rooms (crazy). I asked the owner of the hotel “de donde estas cerveza?” He laughed, you see you cannot purchase beer on voting day. Crazy eh, but only for those residents of the voting area (in this case Baja California). So we went to a pub that we heard was a micro brewery and had happy hour. Great idea right? Wrong, it is the super bowl and there is no happy hours, but they still sell beer. So we went there, had some over priced food that wasn’t that great and watched the superbowl (both Tanya and I are not fans). We left before the end of the second quarter and walked around.

Our bike trip has now come to an end, we are done, and we will not be biking again until the snow has melted. We are sad that we have to go home soon, as we are enjoying our time here in Mexico. This trip was a lot of fun, and we are both can’t wait until our next trip, which will be on bicycles. We’re hooked, we love doing this sort of thing. Everything we well and we are very glad we choose Baja to do our trip.

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