Wat I saw: Angkor Wat, Part 2

Angkor Wat, from inside the outer wall

After two days of looking at temples, not really getting too many shots I was too happy about, I went on the Internet and searched out what the best may have in store for us. I quickly saw how cool this place could be and got a little giddy. I committed myself to wake up a 4am and catch the sunrise the next morning. Tanya (who is not a huge fan of mornings) stayed in bed and I went out to check out the temples.

Some of the faces of Bayon, modeled after the ruler of the time.

I was the first one to arrive at the Angkor Wat, however this didn’t last long. After I had my fill, I walked around back. The place was deserted, not only that, it was a fresh new perspective, enjoying the quietness, and the greenery I snapped some shots. Next it was off to Bayon. Another great place to take some pictures. Ta Prohm was my last stop and my favorite, it was by the coolest, mainly because the forest had taken over and the temple had a neat feel to it. These three temples are the best and are worth seeing. Here are some pictures of them.

Later that day, Tanya and I returned so that she could see the sights. We both agreed that the last sight (Ta Prohm) was the best. We went around 5pm to Ta Prohm and it was deserted, there was only one other couple in there, which was great, no tour groups, no hassels, just us and the super humid air (it had rained earlier that day).

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4 thoughts on “Wat I saw: Angkor Wat, Part 2

  1. Jack

    Kelly, it was worth getting up to take those pictures! You seemed to catch the serenity of the scene in the temples. Isn’t amazing how mother nature takes hold of what man tries to change and create. Those trees certainly did a number on the temple construction.
    Love ya, MOM

    1. Kelly

      Ya for sure. It is amazing when you are standing there looking up at this tree well over a meter wide and you see the roots getting in between the cracks of the stones. When we were there, there was no one their, it was like we had the whole place to ourselves, and it was such an cool atmosphere.


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