To Pudukkottai and Thanjavur (Thanjore)

Madurai Gopurams

To: Pudukkottai
Distance: 103 km
Traffic: First 30km was busy and hectic, last 73km was extremely light and enjoyable
Roads: Road construction for the first 30km, smooth and flat last 73km

It took us a while to get out of Madurai (a city of over 1 million people), we made it, however we had to do 30 km on o busy road that was under construction before our turn-off.

Archway with rocks in the distance

Once we got to the turn-off, the rest of our ride was one of our best riding days yet, hardly any traffic, freshly paved wide roads and because there was barely any traffic, even though this goes against all of my general safety precautions while cycling, we both popped in our earplugs, listened to our music (quietly so we could still here anything coming) and ended up riding 103 kms.  We arrived tired to Pudukkottai, but notice there were quite a lot of hotels to choose from, we went to one of the nicest looking first and were told they were full, we then went to the next nicest and there were full also!


I asked why and they hotel worker said the whole town was full because of weddings!!  We started to get a little concerned, but went to try some more, we did find a room that was actually pretty decent and we’re relieved.

To: Thanjavur
Distance:  64km
Traffic: Very light
Roads:  Good

We had a fast and flat day of riding through farm land, rice paddies, and little villages.  We arrived to Thanjavur and started looking for hotels.  Once again we were faced with most hotels we stopped at being booked up and full (with exception of the dodgy ones of course)!!  Because in a city it is fairly difficult to look for hotels on a bicycle, after a few failed attempts at full hotels we called around.  We found one listed in the Lonely Planet with a room, we headed there and it was a bit of a dump and there were charging a lot for a fairly gross room (which they can get away with because it was in Lonely Planet), we took “the last room”, which I found hard to believe, and did our best to stay out of the hotel except to sleep.

Posted from Pudukkottai, Tamil Nadu, India
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4 thoughts on “To Pudukkottai and Thanjavur (Thanjore)

  1. Gerry

    The tree lined roads there look spectacular. It makes me want to be there with my motorcycle. Is there a lot of motorcycles used there for recreational riding or is it more out of basic transportation? Gotta go now and shovel snow and chip ice off the sidewalks and driveway. See ya
    Love Dad

    1. Kelly

      Ya for sure, there is a part of me that wants to buy a motorcycle and ride here. Most people ride their bikes as their only form of transportation. Usually there are two, three, four and even five people on the bikes at a time. You will often see a man riding with a young kid in front of him on the gas tank, and the wife behind the driver and the wife will be holding an infant. No one wearing helmets, it is pretty crazy and somewhat of a culture shock. Have fun with the snow.


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