To Hampi

Distance: 96kms
Traffic: Mostly very light, except around the city of Gangawati for about 7-8 kms.
Roads: Rough in places

We had a really early start as we were so excited to get out of our hotel room.  We made really good time in the morning as the winds don’t pick up until 9:30am (we were on the road just after 6:30).  We stocked up on peanut butter when we were in Goa so we’ve been eating buns with banana and peanut butter for breakfast and some snacks, we are running low and really hoping to find some when we get to Hampi, as it is a nice break from curry, especially at breakfast!

The ride was mostly through the rural country until we got to Gangawati, then we rode through these huge mountains of massive boulders, it was so amazing, no traffic hardly and I’ve never seen any scenery like it, I took a few photos but Kelly wants to come back when the light is better to take more.  We ended up riding an extra 8kms at the end of the day, as we missed the obscure turnoff into Hampi (actually the town across the river from Hampi)

We are staying right across the river from Hampi, which is good because there is a fesival going on in Hampi for the next two days and its much more relaxed here, you can take a boat across to Hampi from 7am-6pm).  We found a great guesthouse with some relaxing swing benches in front of the rooms in the shade and enjoyed tourist comforts such as pizza for dinner!  There is lots to see around Hampi, we are planning on spending a few days here, possibly staying until right after Christmas (that’s when the prices double here), then heading out towards Mysore.

Posted from Nimbapura, Karnataka, India
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