The Sea of Cortez

Day thirteen 74km

After leaving the oasis we were off to the Sea of Cortez and the town of Santa Rosila. The first half of the day was a steady and easy climb. It was however raining all night and the roads were wet. It was also 99% humidy outside. Riding today seemed very difficult. We could not put our finger on it. Tanya thought it may be our tire pressure, so we pumped them up, that didn’t help much. The air was still and fairly humid, so I think the humid air just made it difficult to ride, more air resistance. I don’t know, it was just harder to make you bike move.

Around noon some of the clouds broke up, the road dried and the wind picked up and riding was easier.We were warned by the RV’ers that the last hill to Santa Rosila was a steep one. We had no idea that it would be as steep as it was. Usually on downhills I like to go about 40km/hr (that is as fast as my trailer can go before it gets unsafe). This hill was crazy steep though, and we didn’t go any faster then 20km/hr. By far the steepest road I have ever been on. The grade must have been 15%, it was crazy steep. It was great though, we didn’t have to pedal our bikes for a really long time (the hill was probably 10km long).

Shortly after the big down hill we had some uphill and then we saw the Sea of Cortez. The Cortez is known for its nice light blue colour, but due to the overcast sky, the sea looked like any other body of water. We were a little bummed. First rain last night and no more cloudless sky’s. It’s ironic, the time that we make it to the nicest beaches, it rains and is overcast.

General maintenance on the bikes, in a hotel room

The last 10km were hard for Tanya, it seems like she is coming down with a cold. So we decided to take the next day off, booked into a hotel and hoped that there will be a nice blue sky tomorrow.

Posted from Santa RosalĂ­a, Baja California Sur, Mexico
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