The Killing Fields

The sign you see as you enter the Killing fields

In the late 1970’s there was genocide in Cambodia. As I don’t remember ever learning about in school, and for the large part had no idea what happened. Pretty devastating. According to Wikipedia over 1.4 million people where killed and Cambodia only have 7 million people at the time. The words sad and terrible don’t really sum up what happened. Tanya and I (both of which had very little knowledge on the subject), toured Choeung Ek (where people where brought to be killed) and the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum (formally a prison).

Both the sites were informative, the museum was definitely the most interesting, and Choeung Ek is fairly far out of town (long tuk tuk ride). Like I said before, the museum was a prison. Before it was a prison, it was a school. You could still the chalk boards on the walls of the classrooms turned prison cells. In some of the rooms you could see the beds where people were kept. Other rooms had pictures of the victims and interviews of both sides of the fight. The sight was nothing short of amazing. It is hard to believe there are people out there that can lead an army to commit genocide. Here are the pictures of prison, and killing field memorial. The images talk for themselves.

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