The Ganges

After a wonderful sleep, we awoke to another nice day, These happen all the time here, everyday has been really sunny and nice and warm. There are 7 tents, I am the second one up, and I just take some photo in the early morning (6:30). We get fed some chai (black tea, spices, ginger and milk). Everyone else starts to get up and starts moving around. By the time everyone is up breakfast is made. Breakfast comes and it is pretty good, porage and honey, with some bread. It was good. Soon after dinner we are off.

What our boat look like.

We are in these small little boats, four a boat, and they are small and very tippy. It was really good though, totally relaxing, we were just sitting on these boats, floating down the holiest river in the world, looking at the scenery, sleeping, enjoying the sun. It was very nice. We were headed to Varanasi, because we were so far behind schedule we didn’t float all the way to Varanasi but part way, and then drove an hour to get there, which was faster (or so I am told). While on the boats we were treated to great meals, it was very sweet, I just can’t get enough of the food here. The cooks have a boat about the same size as our, with one wok and bunch of cooking utensils, and they cook these amazing meals. We ate the food on a sand bar. The river is at its lowest flow right now, when it is monsoon weather there is a lot more water, I think it can really rain here, when you see the size of the rive valley and the water level markers, you really get a good idea of how much water flows though here.

Evening puja on the ganges.

We arrive in Varanasi at about 4ish, and our tour guide has promised everyone a steak (if they want it, which is really hard to get here in India, Cows are sacred). But first we are going to see a one of twice daily Hindu custom. I am not really sure what happens at these events, but I think they pray to the god (there are many with Hindus) and offer sacrifices (flowers, food, sweet things etc.) It is amazing how many people are at these events, twice a day. They say that if you die and get cremated in Varanasi you go straight to Nirvana. Pretty cool I guess, no need to slowly work your way up the caste latter.

Ritual candles are placed in the ganges during puja.

You can also light these candles, with flowers around them that float in the river. As you place them in the rive you make a wish. If they make them to the end of the Ganges, your wish will come true. After watching these events we go get dinner, it take 30 minutes in an auto rickshaw, there were three people in mine which was very uncomfortable. The food was ok, but when you have Indians trying to cook western food and they have never been there, they just can’t, they really really good at cooking Indian food, no western food. The we drive back to the hotel. The hotel is nice, and everything is cool. We go to bed because tomorrow is an early day.

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  1. Anonymous

    Hi Kelly & Tanya – we just got back from our trip late last night. It was great! We couldn’t wait to read your website. It is very interesting to read about everything you are doing and seeing. Sounds like you are really enjoying it.
    Gerry & Doris


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