The end of the big T

Tanya cycling through India

T is for Thailand, but it is also for Tropics. As our time here in Thailand end, so does our trip. For the past 10 months we have spent all of our time in the tropic, from the northern Thailand, northern Vietnam and middle of India. We have also been in the far south, in Singapore nearly straddling the equator. We have seen the season (hot, hotter and wet), and although hot season was hot when we arrived, it is now cold. Hotter is still hot and wet is wet. Torrential downpours have caused small streams to fill paths, make roads more like river instead of roads, and have transformed the landscape from yellow to bright green. The lethargic hot weather makes any task difficult.

Learning at the PDC

Taking our PDC in Malaysia during the hot season was tough, I remember laying on the cement trying to cool down. I also remember working on Grassroots farm during this hot period, hoping for rain just to keep cool. I also remember when it would get cold at night in Hampie and Dalat, having to wear a sweater and a toque (who knew?)

New tastes, Durian, the King of Fruit

We both embarked on this trip in hopes to see something different, and experience something different. Riding a bicycle through India was a great way to achieve this goal. We also wanted to get inspired, thanks to places like Sadhana forest and the Panya project we are inspired. But also to our PDC teachers and everyone else we have met along the way. We have learned so much on this trip. We have learned:

  • How to build with mud

  • How to make kimchi

  • How to make wine

  • How to live in a community

    Learning about biodynamics

  • The best way to find ones way around rural India

  • How to grow food

  • How to cook without a cook book

  • How to cook for a hundred people

  • How to make various Biodynamic perperations

It was damn cold in Dalat

I know there is so much more as well. I never thought that I could get sick of traveling, and although I’m not sick of traveling, I am ready to come home. There is so much I want to try, there is so much I want to do and I’m looking forward to doing it.

SE Asia is full of culture and history

I want to thank all the loyal readers of this blog, we appreciate you dedication and patients. The last couple of months have been pretty inactive (in terms of blog posts). Since the beginning of this trip there has been more then 16,000 views on grannygear, which is pretty amazing, so we thank you all for your support. For those that we met on the road, maybe one day our paths will cross and we can catch up. For the rest of you back home, we are looking forward to meeting up people we haven’t seen in about a year and just chillin. See you soon.

8 thoughts on “The end of the big T

  1. Nathan

    Glad to hear you guys learned so much and had a good time at it. Can’t wait to hear more about it and see some more pictures too. Safe travels home!

  2. Anne-Claire Chene Geffroy

    Dear friends,

    It’s been great reading you since I met you at Panya. You must be in the plane right now or just back in Canada. This is going to be quite another adventure! Hope you can keep the inner confidence and ability to adjust, the same way you did it during your trip.

    Keep us posted!


  3. Doris

    Tanya & Kelly – Welcome back!
    It’s so nice to have you home!
    I really enjoyed your GrannyGear blog.
    It was fun to experience the trip along
    with you. The pictures were great, and
    all the work you did was much appreciated.

  4. Ben

    Welcome Back Guys!!
    It was great reading about your adventure along the way. Thank you for sharing it with us! I’m sure there are many more behind the scene stories to tell for a lifetime to come! Again, welcome back!


  5. Cath

    All the best back in the land of moose and redwoods. I’ve loved listening to your deconstructing dinner blogs – make’s me very excited about all the positive projects happening in Canada. btw, yes I made it back to Australia by yacht,and am now on the transitition to transition-husbandry here.

  6. Sweta

    Kelly and Tanya,

    I was thinking of you guys a few days back and was wondering how things were going after the stint at Sadhana. I’m glad you had such an eventful journey! And I love the blog!

    Kelly – Quick question: What camera did you use during the trip? Any you’d recommend?


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