The Dog Days of Mysore

Like everything we’ve done on this trip, we didn’t really know what we were getting ourselves into when signing up for a month of yoga in Mysore. But, also like every other unknown thing on this trip, it has turned out great!

Prana Vashya Yoga

Based on the recommendation of a previous yoga student, we decided to do our yoga with Vinay Kumar, a young teacher but has spend most of his life immersed in yoga. He is a fantastic teacher, encouraging, caring, and very dedicated. I would recommend him to anyone debating which yoga teacher to study with in Mysore!

As in a previous post, we do yoga twice a day (well most days), 5 or 6 days per week. The morning class is similar to Ashtanga yoga, in which you do the same series of yoga asanas (postures) everyday, it is challenging due to the fact we are both usually sore from the day before still! The evening class is more relaxed and is more focused on increasing flexibility, and everyone in the class does something somewhat different.

Tanya enjoying the shade

As for our accomodation during this time, we found a really great place ran by a guy from France (who we have not met because he went home to France just before we arrived and will be back after we leave). It is really well set up, there is a fully stocked kitchen with anything you could possibly need (this is very unique for India), such as things like a pannini press, a blender, coffee maker, a fridge (!), and more! There is wi-fi internet, hammocks in the garden out fount, and hot water. There are also two Indian ladies who are here everyday to wash the dishes, clean the bathroom, etc! There are 4 rooms here and we’ve met some great people also staying here. In any other place but India, I cannot even imaging how much it would cost to stay here. Everything we need is within about a 5 block radius, like…Nilgris – a great market with things like cheddar cheese and basil, and Mahesh Prasad – the tasty restaurant always packed with locals and some yoga students.

Where we get our grocieries

We’ve really enjoyed our time here, and could easily stay longer…but believe it or not, 4.5 months is not enough time for India.

They know you what we are going to order here before we tell them

Kelly making lunch

The Mysore Palace (for Tanya and Kelly)

Inside the Palace

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7 thoughts on “The Dog Days of Mysore

  1. Jack

    Sounds like a pretty nice routine to me. Although I am no not sure about the yoga part. The place that you are staying must seem luxurious to you. Isn’t it funny how we take such simple pleasures as having a cup of coffee or a stove to cook from for granted.

    Love ya, MOM

  2. Fleur & Thijs

    Hi Kelly & Tanya,
    Your little house is gorgeous, so green and sounds like a lovely routine, glad you can get some r & r on your trip as sounds like you have been pretty active with all the cycling. The fiasco with the posting of the bikes sounds so typical india, glad it all worked out in the end and hope your bikes make it to canada !! Have fun bye for now F & T

  3. mitesh

    hi there guys…

    just came across your post while searching for people who’ve done vinay kumar’s yoga in mysore, which i plan to go for next week. your accommodation looks very exotic – can i ask you for more info? do you know if it’s still rented out? any details of the french guy or whoever owns the place?

    would love to know more about your experiences with this particular type of yoga. any email address i can write to you at?

    mitesh, mumbai, india

    1. Kelly

      Hello, I am happy to hear you going to do yoga with Vinay. We choose our accommodation out of desperation, as there was nothing for us to rent for a month, but we were happy with this place (although, a little more then we wanted to spend). I wish I knew the address, but it behind the Mahesh Prasad. It is really hard to explain where it is. That is all I know about this place. Good luck and I hope you enjoy mysore.


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