We have now arrived in Thailand. We got here a couple days ago. Before coming here I didn’t know what to think of this place. Most people who backpack SE Asia come here. I know there are a lot of beaches and that the food is delicious.

These patterns were on all the doors of the Wat

When you have been on the road for 8 months, things don’t really shock you as much. Nor are you as impressed as much. One thing that was amazing was how nice this place is for backpackers. There is a couple of streets lined with cheap t-shirts, cheap food, cheap beer, cheap CDs, cheap books and cheap fake driver’s licenses. The streets are full of street food. You can get a really good cheap meal just about anywhere, and there are all sorts of meat being shown for display on the side of the road. The streets are a little dirty (but not as bad as some places), the traffic is nice to pedestrians, and there are a fraction of the motorcycles there were in Vietnam.

Buddha Statues

Nearby our area is the Grand Palace, the Emerald Buddha and Wat Pho. One day we went to see all three. However the price of the Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha where a little to expensive for us. One thing that really bothers us is how much palaces charge to see them. It is not like the royal family really needs the money. I think the problem lies with the fact that people will pay it. As long as people are willing to pay to go in, a couple of cheap backpackers are not really going to make much of a difference.


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Big sleeping Buddha

After the trip to the gates of the Grand Palace and the Emerald Buddha we headed to the Wat Pho. The Wat Pho is a pretty big complex, the entrance price was reasonable and we enjoyed ourselves. In the days since that we haven’t been doing to much. Just killing time before we start our internship at the Panya Project, you will get more on that later. Tomorrow we will be in Chang Mai (northern Thailand).

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6 thoughts on “Thailand

    1. Kelly

      Agreed, we through around that idea, but decided that our current trip was the best way to go. Maybe next time we shall see Indonesia.

  1. Mike Lorenz

    I was just at the grand palace like one week ago! Except we didn’t know that you have to wear pants to go in. We ended up renting the most ridiculous MC Hammer lookin’ pants to go in there, and instead of taking pictures of the palace all the other tourists were staring and laughing at us. Take a tuk tuk to MBK mall if you really want to see a LOT of cheap t-shirts and watches. Also a little tip, when the tuk tuk drivers make you go to a suit shop in order to get the cheap ride, if you stay long enough in the shop they give you free beers!

    And I agree, Indonesia was awesome and even cheaper.

    1. Tanya

      Too bad we missed you in Bangkok. Yeah I had to get a rental skirt at the Grand Place…waited in line forever because they ran out and then we decided not to go in anyways!

  2. Marilyn Lorenz

    my daughter/son and significant others just returned from Bankok this weekend. We saw some fabulous pictures of Thailand. I am sure they would love to return again soon.


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