Tanjore isĀ  small busy city that boasts a nice old temple (with World Heritage Listed status). First we checked out a palace though (it was on the way). The palace wasn’t anything too special, but it did have a few highlights. There was a museum and an art gallery, but we didn’t check them out because we were running out of time. After the Palace we headed to the Brihadishwara temple.

The temple was very cool, placed on very large grounds, the massive (66m tall) temple is one of the tallest (if not the tallest) temple we have seen. We were there to watch the sun set on sandstone structure. Well worth the wait. This site is definitely worth the World Heritage status. You can even go into the temple and see what most non-Hindus can’t see. There is a statue of some god covered in Gold and there are some Brahman (highest cast in Hindu, like a priest, but rich and you’re born into that cast) bringing pilgrims offerings to the statue and putting red dots on peoples foreheads.

After that we had dinner and then went to our overpriced dumpy hotel.

Posted from Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, India
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