Taking photos of fireworks

Yesterday was Canada day, and I was in a location where I could picture of the fireworks. This is the first time I have ever taken photos of fireworks, and it was a bit of a learning experience. If your exposure is too long the fireworks will be washed out and over exposed, increase the shutter speed and you won’t get amazing lines. The hard part is practice, you get about 20 minutes to get it right and fireworks are somewhat rare for me.


1 second exposure, 400 ISO, f/6.4

I used auto exposure setting and was playing with the exposure time. in hindsight, I should have set it to manual mode and tried playing around with the time. The wonderful thing with digital cameras is you can get the instant, feedback of your exposure settings. Some of the photos that I took were a were way too overexposed.

1/2 second exposure, 400 ISO and f/7.1. Before edits on the left, and after edits not he right shows how important Lightroom is in making firework shots look good.

A ND filter would have probably produced better results too. Making sure the camera was set to the least sensitive ISO would have been a good idea, it was not.

1/2 second, 800 ISO, f/16

I used a tripod, that worked great, but I didn’t have a remote release for the camera. Because the Fuji X100s doesn’t have wifi, I couldn’t hook it up to my phone to remotely release the shutter and change the settings. This is something the GoPro excels at.

1 second exposure, 200 ISO and f/16, nicely exposed fireworks

Lightroom edits can make a huge impact on the image. I made simple edits to darken the sky to let the fireworks pop. A bit of split toning to bring out the pinks, greens and purples.

6.5 Seconds, f/11 and 800 ISO, lots of room to reduce the over exposed areas of fireworks.

I need practice taking photos of fireworks. There are so few opportunities to do so. I am writing this blog post as a reminder to myself of the lessons I learned last night. Not sure the next time I will be able to take photos of fireworks.

Posted from Parksville, British Columbia, Canada
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