Street Cafes

The street cafe pro­vides a unique set­ting, spe­cial to cities: a place where peo­ple can sit lazi­ly, legit­i­mate­ly, be on view, and watch the world go by. There­fore: encour­age local cafes to spring up in each neigh­bor­hood. Make them inti­mate places, with sev­er­al rooms, open to a busy path, where peo­ple can sit with cof­fee or a drink and watch the world go by. Build the front of the cafe so that a set of tables stretch out of the cafe, right into the street. The most humane cities are always full of street cafes.
A Pattern Language

People watching is one of my favorite things to do, and I love sitting down and watching the world walk by while I drink a cup of coffee. Unfortunately, Canada doesn’t seem to have too many cafes like this.