What the heck are you supposed to do with radishes? I only really know about placing it in a salad of some sort. Now I am not a huge fan of radish, I don’t like that spiciness that it has (although, I do like spicy foods, radish spice is different).

Part of my Saanich Organics veggie box I was lucky enough to receive a bunch of radishes. I went onto food gawker for some inspiration. It looks like you are supposed to roast them (unless you want to eat them in a salad, then you can eat them raw). So I roasted them, for about 15 minutes at 325. I also covered them in olive oil and thyme.

Not enough Time

I pulled them out of the oven, and they looked tasty, so I took a photo. They probably could have been in there for another 10 minutes, but they were still tasty. So now I know what to do when I get some radishes in my veggie box.