This post was originally written on Nov 29th, but the internet was very slow, it didn’t get posted until today.

We are currently in Goa, an old Portugese settlement. It is pretty cool here, lots of European style houses. It is pretty laid back here, nothing like the big cities in India.

It is hard to believe that we have only been gone for 4 days. The first three days seem to take for every, the flights alone took a long time, Edmonton – Toronto – Frankfurt – Mumbai – Delhi – Mumbai – Goa. In those three days, we didn’t get any useful sleep, we did some sleeping while on the plane, and we spent one night (about 12 hours) in an airport. Yesterday we got to Panjim, went to a hotel at 7:30am (and luckily got a room at 9am), had some breakfast and slept until 5pm. It felt great, we got up, got some dinner and then we went back to bed. We both were wide awake at 4am, tired to go back to bed, but couldn’t.

We feel a lot more rested now are wanting to start enjoying ourselves….but wait, there were terrorist attacks in Mumbai, and we don’t know what we are going to do yet. We looked at our options, and it doesn’t look good, the only other reasonable place to go is Thailand, but if you are up to date with your news, that Bangkok international airport is shut down due to protests. Another option would be to land in Malaysia and see SE Asia, however with most of the area too much rain, and the route to thailand isn’t all that safe for non-muslims (this was our original plan but we decide India would be more safe). I would like to say that the we have not yet made up our mind what we are going to do, we are weighing in the options of what we can do. I would like to say that the parts of India that we have planned to see do not have a travel advisory warning. The southern part of India is very rural, and miles away from Mumbai (in so many ways).

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An Update

Hey everyone, I don’t know what the media coverage is over there, by Mumbai (Bombay) was hit with terrorist attacks on the 26th and 27th of November. The Mumbai airport was shut down as a precaution, (there were no events in the airport) about 2 hours before we were to land in Mumbai. As a result we were re-routed to Delhi for the night.

We had to take a flight back to Mumbai today, and we are sitting at the airport (it is 8pm), we will spend the night here in the airport and make a decision on where we will go tomorrow.

Sorry no pictures yet. I could take some, but it would only be of airports and planes.

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