Yoga vs Mountain Biking

When I was in my early 20s I tried doing Bikram Yogo, which is hot yoga. I really enjoyed it and I have done yoga (most Ashtanga or similar) on and off for the past decade. There seems to be this idea that yoga isn’t a legit type of workout because there is so much stretching. I always dismissed these thoughts, because I never had the data to prove it.

Until yesterday, when I did yoga with my Apple Watch tracking my heart rate. I thought I would do a comparison yoga with mountain biking.

Comparing workouts

I don’t understand the full science of workouts. I do have some data and I have used that to complete my own analysis. I know that the higher your heart beats, the more active the workout is. I also know that your heart rate can be broken into different zones and those zone represent the type of workout you are doing (fat burning, aerobic, anerobic). Here are the data points I reviewed for each workout:

  • length
  • average heart rate
  • max heart rate
  • amount spent in each zone
  • active calories

Yoga workout

The yoga workout I chose was yesterday (2016-11-12), however I haven’t done yoga for at least 3 years.

  • length 1h5m
  • average heart rate 133bpm
  • max heart rate 164
  • minimum heart rate 87
  • amount spent in each zone
    • high intensity 0%
    • Anaerobic zone 6%
    • Aerobic zone 22%
    • Energy efficient & recovery zone 31%
    • Resting 24%
  • active calories 621

Mountain bike workout

In the summer I was riding my mountain bike a lot, and the following ride was from July 3, 2016. This was a ride from the Hammerfest bike trails, which there is a big climb and then a long decent.

  • length 1h17m
  • average heart rate 145bpm
  • max heart rate 203
  • minimum heart rate 87
  • amount spent in each zone
    • high intensity 25%
    • Anaerobic zone 6%
    • Aerobic zone 13%
    • Energy efficient & recovery zone 18%
    • Resting 25%
  • active calories 420

With mountain biking, I find it odd that there was very little time in the Anaerobic, but a lot in the high intensity and the aerobic zone. The natural flow of mountain biking is to climb for a while, take a little break then go downhill. There is a lot of start and stop, climbing hills is hard and intense and when you are going downhill, it is hard, but you stay mostly in the aerobic and recovery zone.

Other differences

  • mountain biking is fast, so adrenaline plays a factor, injury is also a lot higher
  • most mountain bike rides are about two hours
  • there is a lot more variety with a mountain bike ride: intense climb up a hill, wait before going down
  • usually have a snack during a mountain bike ride, this contributes to the start and stop nature
  • mountain biking is always outside
  • yoga is much easier to fit into my lifestyle
  • the weather doesn’t impact a yoga session


If burning calories is the most important, doing yoga is probably the best workout. Yoga is also the best if you want to do something inside, or you don’t want to go to the mountain biking trails. Mountain biking is more fun and it gets you outside, but it does have its risk see what happened in June

Cycling with a kid

Cycling has always been an important part of our lives. Before Oliver, Tanya and I would ride a lot. This all started to change when Tanya was pregnant. With Oli on the way, riding a bicycle became more difficult for her and long multi-day rides were out of the question. This was our summer of 2012.

In 2013 we hardly cycled, and we knew this would happen. You can’t really cycle with an infant and we didn’t. In the fall of 2013, my parents bought him a Bobike City Mini (handle bar mounted bike seat) which we tried a few times, but ultimately Oliver still needed to grow into it.

One of our first rides in 2014.

2014 is the year we took to our bicycles. Oli was the perfect size for the Bobike seat. In the spring we started to take small trips around town. Then I started to pick up Oliver from daycare on the bike. We were hooked, a way to ride to work, pick up Oli and get exercise. We then tried cyclo-camping and we were having a blast.

On the ride home from daycare.

The Bobike City Mini

Oli lives to ride. Sitting on the front of the bike he likes to point out the things that he sees. He get excited about cars, trucks, bikes and dogs. Although a little uncomfortable for the me, the handlebar mounted seat does an amazing job at keep Oli in the action. The trick with riding a bike with a handlebar mounted seat is to slow down and enjoy the ride. Lower your seat and submit to the scenery, take your time and ride a little bow-legged.

Riding on the Galloping Goose trail headed downtown.

The one issue with the front mounted seat is naps. There isn’t the support that the trailer has, so you have ride with a floppy kid in front of you. This happened for the first time this weekend, he would flop around, first off my right forearms, then head back on my chest, off to the left and finally forward. If a kid needs sleep, he get it, as uncomfortable as it might look.

Oliver, fast asleep while on a ride.

Bicycle trailer

For cyclo-camping, we bought a used chariot to tow behind us. It works great for longer trips, you can store gear in the trailer, keep Oliver out of direct sun light and let your child have a somewhat normal nap (at least compared to the handlebar mounted seat). I think Oliver likes the front mounted seat the best, but for longer trips, the trailer is the best.

Stopping for a photo at Langford on our way to Goldstream.

One of the great advantages of the trailer is that you can ride a bicycle normally. There is no Bobike seat to hit your knees on and you can push yourself to catch a ferry or to get home as quickly as possible.

Back on the saddle

It is nice to have a focus on the cycling again, I am hoping that we will continue to focus on our bicycles in the future. As Oliver grows from a toddler to the next stage, our needs from our bicycle will change and I am looking forward to it.

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Sooke Potholes

Ever since moving to the Island I have heard people rave out the amazing Sooke Potholes. We decided to check it out when my sister was in town. I am told that the Sooke potholes have an amazing geological feature that resemble potholes in the river bed. We never got to see them (if you have kids, you know what it is like and sometimes any beach is better than walking another 100m).

We arrived early, got a parking spot and walked up the road. There were a number of beaches a long the way, but the cool pothole feature was a long ways up the trail, so we settled at this location on the Sooke river.

The water was refreshing, and everyone had a great time. I want to go back to see the actual potholes, but that will take a bit more effort.

Heading out for the day at the beach

We are blessed to live in Victoria. Within a short drive there are so many beaches and fun things to do in the summer. My sister was in town a couple of weeks ago and she loves the beach. Oliver also loves the beach. It is a no brainer way to spend the weekend at the beach.

This is us as we head out for the day. We have everything. We need, swim gear, food, the carrier (called an ergo) and Oliver. Oliver also brought this pool noodle, which never made to the beach.

A coffee bicycle club


Cycling and coffee go great together, and it looks like a group in Portland has a group that rides early in the morning to make their coffee, outside.

I couldn’t think of a better way to start a morning.

A new (for us) Chariot

Chariots are a pretty big commodity among young families. We are not excluded from that group. After getting a taste of cycle touring on May long weekend, we have been searching for a good deal on a bicycle trailer.

Thanks to a great service called IFTTT, I was able to get a notification on my phone every time someone posted a used chariot on UsedVictoria, ask me how and I can tell you how to set it up. When a good deal came up, I emailed a response as quickly as I could so I would be first in line to view the Chariot.

This is what happened last week, a killer deal for a Chariot trailer was posted on UsedVictoria, in which I was the first to respond and as a result we now have a chariot. The photo above is the jogging mode, but you can attach it to a bike and go for a ride. This weekend we plan to head to Goldstream campground with some friends and try out our new bicycle trailer.

Going for a ride

With the nicer weather, we have been riding more. Oliver likes to be on the bike and as we ride he points out every car and dog that he sees.

We had to make a little stop for some chocolate at Cook Culture before heading to the park.

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Getting outside

The weather is starting to turn for the better. Lately we have seen more and more sunshine and that has lured us outside more and more. The other day we decided to get an Ergo Baby Carrier which is a great way to get outside. This is our second carrier, we have a less structured one (it is basically one big piece of fabric) and it doesn’t work as well as this one.

The Ergo Baby is basically a nice backpack with out the pack. The baby is held next to the parent and it seems to work very well. Oliver was happier than he is with our other wrap and it is easier to setup and put Oliver into it.k

This was our fist excursion outside and it went fairly well. This actually makes it just a little more feasible to play a round of discgolf.

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First walk in stroller

About 3 months ago we purchased a used stroller, it is a Baby Jogger Summit XT, which is a jogging stroller that has a number of slick features. Because of his size, we haven’t taken Oliver out for a walk in it, but that changed last week.

We had three days beautiful sunshine days and one day Tanya took him out for a 20 minute walk. He was in his car seat attached to the stroller. Tanya is happy with the stroller and I am looking forward to taking him for a run when he is large enough.