New blog platform and design

Frequent visitors to this site might have. It has a few changes over the past few weeks. I have switched my blog platform and updated the design.

Wordpress, again

I have switched back to wordpress from the very obscure Chyrp platform. I was finding that Chyrp wasn’t meeting my needs. I wanted a little bit more from my blogging platform, including

  • active development and mature API
  • well writen and exhaustive documentation
  • integration with mobile devices (for posting)
  • could import most of my existing blog posts from

Wordpress isn’t perfect, but it has been helpful and I am glad I made the move. I could have gone with Drupal, but I tend to over engineer those sites and they become unwieldy when my requirements change (which happens often).

New features

I have added a few new features to the site, in fact I am still working on it, so more features will be added in the future as well. Check then out

Updating posts

When I look back at the old posts from 2006, I see that a lot has changed in the last 7 years. I have been slowly picking away at the 150+ old posts and making then a little more modern. It is pretty neat to go back and review the old photos, it is like looking at an old journal or photo album.

I hope you enjoy the new look and feel.