Learning to crawl

Oliver has been a handful lately. He is no longer satisfied staying in one position and has found that he can move around. Currently he only moves backwards, and only by pushing himself with his hands (which isn’t really crawling).

Vigorous self imposed exercise routine

Oliver has taken it upon himself to teach himself how to crawl, and he will spend about 4 hours a day working on it. Grunting and moaning, you can tell that he is trying hard to get it. During his sessions, Tanya and I will gather around him cheering him on like he is a top athlete competing at the olympics.

‘Way to go Oliver, you can do it!’

Did we do this?

It is amazing to see how determined he is to learn this new skill. Everyone that walks today likely went through the same experience and it is amazing how hard we are willing to push ourselves at that age.

If you learned how to crawl, you can learn to do anything.