Norte taco shop

ictoria seems to have a vibrant taco culture. There are a number of taco stands, shops and restaurants scattered around the city all offering a slight different view in the food scene in Mexico. I love it, and they all seem to serve sustainable food as meat as well.


Yesterday we thought we would try Norte in Fernwood. Tanya looked on their Facebook page and saw that Sunday was there last day open for the season. They are only open for the summer months.

Norte is a small place, only enough room to order your food and add salsa, lime and cilantro to your food. The tacos were great. Both Tanya and I agree that the pork taco was the best. Looking forward till next summer when Tanya, Oliver and I can all get on the bikes and visit this place.

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Oliver comes home

Yesterday was a big day for us, for that is when Oliver came home. After spending five weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit, he is now ready to come home.


I need to make a shout out to the nurses that staff the NICU. The very talented and patient crew helped Oliver thrive and grow and I am very grateful for their efforts and skill. They do amazing things there and it is so nice to have the support and the healthcare system we have here in Canada.

Weight gain

When Oliver was born, he weighed 1214grams (2lbs 10oz), and yesterday he was discharged at 1886g (4lbs and 2ozs).

Skills gained

While in the NICU, Oliver has had the opportunity to hone a number of essential skills:

  • breast feeding
  • dirtying diapers
  • crying (he didn’t cry much at first, but he got that figured out now)
  • growing

With these skills honed, he is ready to start down the road of development and start growing like a full term baby.

Next chapter: Sleeplessness

When Oliver was in the NICU, it was easy for Tanya and I to get enough sleep, there were a number of nurses that took care of him when we were at home sleeping. Not anymore, and I think that the next few months, I will learn how to survive on limited sleep.

We are both happy that he has made it home and looking forward to the next couple of decades as we see him change from infant to man. Thanks to all those who supported us through, your emotional support, positive stories and inspiration helped us bring him home.

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Oliver’s old house

For the past month Oliver has been kept in here, an isolette (aka an incubator). This $10,000 walled plastic house kept Oliver warm and protected from the surrounding environment. This allowed Oliver to spend all his energy into growing instead of trying to stay warm.

He’s moved out

A couple of days ago Oliver moved out, he is now in a bassinet. Bassinets are exposed to the air and don’t have a thermostat connected too them, which is good news. Oliver is showing us that he can keep himself warm without the need of any fancy equipment and continue to grow. This is good news.

One step closer to coming home

This is one step closer to home for Oliver. If he does well in the bassinet (if he continues to gain weight), he should be coming home in the next week or so. This is right on track for him, his original expected date was October 19.

The parents are thrilled

This makes Tanya and me very happy. Things don’t always work out the way you plan, but Oliver is showing us that he is one tough peanut and he is ready to come home. Over the past month we have been frequently visiting the hospital up to 3 times a day, and we are definitely looking forward to a new normal with Oliver at home.

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