A number of interesting and cool looking fonts. Some are free, some cost money, but very cool little website.

Am I missing something

Apart from this site being very quite beautiful, the web designer did a neat little trick. Many of the images are transparent png with a background set behind them. This makes them look normal when you first look at them, but when you investigate the code, you will notice that they’re title and subtitle have no colour to them. In fact, they font is a mask, and only the background is visible.

Now I am not totally sure why one would do this, it would really difficult to maintain, but I do see a few benefits, mostly

  • Changing the colour scheme of you site and all your logos can now be done with one vim command
  • No bot will be stealing you images, they just won’t understand
  • Sets you apart and shows that you really are on the cutting edge of design

Whatever the reason, I am sure there is a good one, and I will definitely think about that for the future, if I can think of a good reason to use this technique.

Quicksand and Droid Sans

I am working on a project that required an elegant font. So I went onto Font Squirrel and searched for a nice sans serif font that would fit the bill. I came across Quicksand and I thought that it perfectly fit the bill. So I used it, but then I had a to pair it with a another font.

Since this is a web project, I wanted to find another font that would contrast with it that would look great on screen. I thought about Droid Sans, which is created for the Andriod Operating system, and I would assume, would have been great for screens, and it is open source.

Final Thoughts

Quicksand works great as a heading, not as a body text. The thin letters and positive attitude go well with the droid which is easy to read and gets the point across.

Alegreya and Fontin Sans

I have a hard time finding two fonts that work together. To make matters worse, I have no training in this. When I try to pair a couple of fonts, I am doing it by just guessing. For the new design I am working on, I picked two fonts that I thought would look good together, have similar characteristics and were free (as in free beer). My choices were


I really like the way this looks for headings. When you pick the font weight of Black it has so much character and yet is still easy to read. To me it is confidant, interesting yet refined enough (but not too refined). I also like how you get a large number of weights and styles with it as well, so there is limit to this font except your imagination.

Fontin Sans

For the second font I wanted something that was easy to read, and since I used a Serif font for the headings, I wanted to use a sans-serif for the body. Fontin Sans has some character, which isn’t too different from Alegreya. With a similar x-height and feel to Alegreya, I thought these fonts would be nicely paired together.

I don’t Know

Like I said before, I have no idea if these work together, so if you think they look good, or bad, leave a comment.

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