Tasting at Wild Rose Brewery

While visiting friends in Calgary, we went to Wild Rose Brewery for lunch. I decided to order the sample pack and taste the beers that Wild Rose Brewery produces. Here are my favorites (and not so favorites).

The good

  • S.O.B. is a slightly bitter and friendly session ale. This is the perfect drink for a weekend afternoon.
  • HooDoo Hef is really nice. A well balanced hefeweizen with character, interesting, slightly sweet, and with the promised clove flavour. There is a slight banana flavour as well. Great mouth feel, great beer. This is a seasonal brew and is one of my favorites.
  • Wred Wheat is a good amber ale, balanced, interesting, dependable and something that you could drink all night.
  • The Brown ale is chocolatey and malty, delicious and another great beer by Wild Rose Brewery.

The not so good 

  • Velvet fog is boring, no flavour stands out, and this unfiltered beer looks more interesting then it tastes. The beer does have great mouth feel, but not worth experiencing twice.
  • The IPA is a little off, I can’t put my finger on it, but it just isn’t like the IPAs from Victoria and Vancouver.
  • Alberta Crude has a great start, complex flavours, a smooth beginning and a great middle, however, the finish doesn’t live up to the start. A bitter note near the end leaves you a little confused, and you wonder what happened to the great start.

Final thoughts

Wild rose has a full line of beers with great variety. There are some real treats (Wred Wheat and Brown Ale). The seasonal is fun and interesting, definitely showing you that the brew master knows how to make new and interesting beers.

Posted from Calgary, Alberta, Canada
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