Loving the ferry

When you have young kids, ferries are a great way to get around, much better than using the car. We were able to interact with Oliver while getting to our destination. This is what being on a ferry is like with a 21 month old:

  • Mom entertains kid using hot wheels
  • Mom takes kid for walk around the ferry, gives dad 10 minute rest
  • Mom comes back, dad engages with kid and takes over from mom
  • Dad take kid for walk around the ferry, give mom 10 minute rest
  • Kid requests ‘naks’ (snacks), mom provide said ‘naks’
  • Repeat

Oliver doesn’t care much about the boat (yet), but he loves that we are able to interact with him, which is different experience when he is strapped into his car seat in the back of the car driving down the highway.

Having fun on the ferry.

Posted from Friday Harbor, Washington, United States
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