Oliver’s bicycle seat

We love to bike. With the nice weather we have been receiving we have been getting outside a lot more. This is the seat the Oli sits in when we ride.

It is a BoBike Mini City. It works, and Oliver loves it. Putting a 20+ pound object between your chest and your handle bars has its challenges and this is no exception. I have to lower my seat substantially and and sometimes my knees hit the seat. When going up steep hills Oli’s helmet hits my chest and it is hard to get the same amount of power when riding without the seat. It isn’t comfortable, but it bearable for about an hour at a time. Given a different bike, without drop bars, this might be a comfortable setup, but with a Surly LHT, it is a bit too tight.

I don’t want to sound negative because it’s a decent seat. Oliver loves to ride and this allows us to get out as a family on our bikes. In the summer I foresee is using this seat 4-5 times per week, which should tell you how important it is to our lifestyle. I ride my bike to work and use the seat to pick up Oliver from daycare, which has been great. When it comes to carrying little ones on bikes, there are so many options, I like having Oliver in front of me, but in the future I do see a few potential other options that are more appropriate for touring, such as:

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Going for a ride with Oliver

Today was our first time having Oliver on the bike. Tanya and I have not been on a bike ride together for over a year and we were looking forward to the time that we could put Oli on the bike and get outside.

We did a trial run in a parking lot first to see what it would be like. Oliver was pretty happy so we decided to try the galloping goose. We walked our bikes on the sidewalk along the busy Gorge road and when we got to the galloping goose, we were good to go.

The child’s seat is noticeable and a little uncomfortable for me, but it does allow you to go for a ride as a family. The ride went well and I am looking forward to when we can do longer and more enjoyable rides. Too bad winter is coming.

Posted from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
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