Green Pastures and Jagged mountains

The scenery along the cowboy trail.

Posted from Longview, Alberta, Canada
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The Cowboy Trail

The Cowboy Trail (hwy 22 & 6) was one of the last things we saw while we were in Alberta. It starts in Mayerthorpe and heads south to the USA border through Waterton National Park. This slower, scenic route is definitely worth the drive.  Bright green hills on the left and jagged mountains on the right, this is what I think when I think of Alberta scenery. This is also a great way to end the Alberta part of our holidays.

Alberta Beef

Both Tanya and I never really understood all the fuss with Alberta Beef, we thought that it was like most beef that is produced in North America. But this is no normal beef, and our drive down the cowboy trail was proof of this.

Upon the hundreds of thousands of acres that we saw while driving, we saw many cows eating grass (which is what they are supposed to eat). With the ability to roam free and walk about, this is the reason Alberta Beef tastes so good.

Why does this matter? Most of the beef that is produced in North America is produced in a feedlot. Fueled by corn and 24 hours of light, cows are jammed into a small building to produce what some call meat. Even though this meat is cheaper, I avoid this meat as I don’t agree with its practices. ¬†

This trip has changed our view of Alberta Beef, and thanks to the cowboy trail, you can see real cowboys (really, we saw a bunch herding cattle) creating some tasty beef.

Posted from Stavely, Alberta, Canada
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