Swimming with Sharks

Two long bus journeys, one taxi ride, and a slightly terrifying “fast ferry” we arrived at Pulau Perhentian (the small island). I have never been to a tropical beach island before and this one has set the standard very high.

There are two main beaches on either side of the island and no roads at all, you have to walk through the interior jungle of the island to get to the other beach (the path is complete with massive spider webs home to gigantic spiders and lizards that are like mini-dinosaurs). The island was amazing, perfectly clear blue water, sandy beaches, and great weather. However, since we did just finish a permaculture course, we were able to see a few flaws, like how un-environmental and un-sustainable it actually was (generators are the only source of power, the only drinking water is bottled and brought in on boats thus very expensive, burning garbage, etc.), but we did talk a lot about how easy it would be to make the place way better in this regard, so much opportunity, I think the next Malaysian permaculture course should be here! However, we met several people there who came from Thailand and they said the Perhentians were much better!

Our days basically went like this…sleep in, go have breakfast, sit on our porch, finally get around to going to the beach, swim in the fantastic water, go have lunch, relax, go have dinner, sit on the porch some more, then bed! One day we went snorkelling, the first time for both of us! We really enjoyed it, we joined a group with a guide and we went to 6 differents snokelling sites and saw lots of coral, various fish, sting rays, and sharks..yes, several sharks (don’t worry we still have all of our limbs!). I was afraid of the fish at first but they basically leave you alone. We met some great people here and really enjoyed our time. We always say we’re not “beach people” but after this experience, I think we are!

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2 thoughts on “Swimming with Sharks

  1. Mike Lorenz

    Looks awesome! I’m becoming quite the water expert too. I took a 4 day open water scuba dive course in koh tao so now me and steve are fully certified PADI divers and can go diving for the rest of our trip in thailand, bali and in australia so it will be really good. We nearly got to see a whale shark but missed it by like a day…but seen tons of rays, trigger fish, baracudas, clown fish (nemo), and schools of over 1000 fish and crazy corals. We are heading to krabi next then to koh phi phi to do our advanced open water course so we will be excellent divers!

    1. Kelly

      Hey Mike, that’s great. It is so tempting to get the open water when you are over here (it is so cheap). And it looks like a lot of fun. I think diving is a great way to spend a vacation. To bad you missed a whale shark, that would have been too cool.


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