Summer 2007

The past summer was great, we managed to keep ourselves very busy. Among from the usual things someone would do in the summer we also rode our bike to Purden Campground, Road our bikes from Saskatchewan Crossing (~50km south of Columbia Icefields on Hwy 93) to Banff and back, did the Skyline trail in Jasper, went to the Salmon Arm music festival and did a nice hike 166km east of Prince George. The weather was pretty bad, but our spirit’s were high and the summer went way to fast.
Now it is fall, the leaves have all turned a yellowish orange colour, and now I try to enjoy the rain before it turns into snow. All that seems to occupy the our minds is how long it is until we go traveling again and how fast our money is accumulating. It is pretty sweet, when you don’t really have too many expenses, or kids, you can put a large amount of money into savings.

Over the past month I have been working on make a new blog design, and you can see it right now. It wasn’t easy, I did a lot of research and lot of reading to figure out how to do it, tell me what you thing of it. I was going to have a neutral colour scheme for the blog, but I found that was too boring, so I stepped it up and used a redish warm colour. The last design was a blueish brown colour, which was on the cooler temperature. Another addition is the banner at the top, it changes with each reload. Right now I have five images, But I hope to increase that number. I don’t know if anyone will read this post, but if you do and get this far in the post please tell me what you think of the new look.
Posted from Alberta, Canada
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