Spice Farms

This area of India is perfect for growing spices. It is the few places in the world where you can grow Cardamon. You can also grow pepper (black peppercorn) Tea, Coffee, Vanilla and a whole bunch of other great spices. We went on a spice farm tour. It was great, really informative and fun. We tasted a lot of different spices and fruits and all were tasty and interesting. We also learned a lot of about the different trees. I would highly recommend that anyone try to do a spice farm tour (especially for those plant loving foresters out there). Here are the pictures from our day.

Posted from Peerumade, Kerala, India
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8 thoughts on “Spice Farms

  1. Jack

    Very nice pictures of the plants (and Tanya too). Too bad one couldn’t bring back all the fresh spices you have seen. Makes me wonder how good my spices are in the cupboard, as I’m sure some have been there since the day you were born. Time to get rid of a few, I would think.

    1. Kelly

      Since the day I was born…I believe it. Ya I’m not sure spices last too long (about a year) and it is expensive because there are some spices that you only use a couple grams a year, so you never see the full benefit of the purchase unless they are 26 years old.

  2. Jay

    I just learned that India has virtually zero cases of Alzheimers do to the curcumin in turmeric and curry. Enjoy the spices!

  3. Gerry

    I was looking at the pictures on your spice blog and i thought that the one of Tanya was excellent. She looks like a movie star in that picture. Maybe one of the spice girls. Must be the good genes.

    Love Dad


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