A number of interesting and cool looking fonts. Some are free, some cost money, but very cool little website.

Am I missing something

Apart from this site being very quite beautiful, the web designer did a neat little trick. Many of the images are transparent png with a background set behind them. This makes them look normal when you first look at them, but when you investigate the code, you will notice that they’re title and subtitle have no colour to them. In fact, they font is a mask, and only the background is visible.

Now I am not totally sure why one would do this, it would really difficult to maintain, but I do see a few benefits, mostly

  • Changing the colour scheme of you site and all your logos can now be done with one vim command
  • No bot will be stealing you images, they just won’t understand
  • Sets you apart and shows that you really are on the cutting edge of design

Whatever the reason, I am sure there is a good one, and I will definitely think about that for the future, if I can think of a good reason to use this technique.

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