Sleepless in Singapore

We left the new modern (and hard to get to) Bangalore airport at 11:30 in the evening. We decided to go on the budget airline Tiger Airways. Tiger Airways takes budget to a whole new level. When we went to sit down in our seats, there was not much room. My knees were touching and it was very uncomfortable. Fortuneately we were asked to sit in the emergency isle, which of course we did (there is a lot more room in the emergency isle). Needless to say, the 4 hour journey didn’t leave us much time to sleep.

Trying Samples.

We arrived at the budget terminal in Singapore. Then we took a train to downtown. What an amazing system, 4 or 5 different rail lines all hooked up together, will take you almost anywhere in the city. We went to the cheapest part of the city, Little India and met up with a Tanya’s friend. Her friend (Jill) showed us around the city, everything the downtown had to offer, on a budget. Singapore is very expensive, and very modern. We were blow away by how clean and nice it was. There was no garbage on the ground, the roads were very nice, the cars were all shiny and new. Singapore is so different from India, it was shocking, for example: when you cross the road in Singapore, cars stop for you (definitely not the case in India); waiting in line in Singapore is just like waiting in line back home, everyone waits their turn and it is orderly, in India, everyone try to push ahead to get in first; there is a lot less polution in Singapore (compared to a city of similar size, Singapore has crystal clear sky; there are no three wheeled vehicles in Singapore (unlike the auto rickshaw and three wheeled trucks in India).

Kind of like disneyland

After eating some breakfast (french toast) we headed to Santosa island. Santosa seemed a little weird, a little like Disneyland (without the rides). There were statues, escilators, water fountains, a beach, a well maintained gardern and music. The music gave the place the weird feeling (it is hard for me to explain, but it was wierd).

Tan lines

Green Leaf

The Tiger Beer tower (S$20 gets you to the top…)

Cooling down

Singapore has everything (including beaches)

Shopping, shopping, shopping

After that we headed downtown to check out the sights. It looks like the only thing there is to do in this city is to eat and shop. We were on a tight budget and couldn’t spend much money, which means we could only really just look at the shops and building. Since this was the nicest city I have every been in, it wasn’t such a big deal just to look (this place is really beautiful). Singapore is a great city to spend a few days…if you have some cash to burn. It looked like there was a lot of nice establishments that would love to take your money for some service, plus the shopping there is something else (if you are into shopping that is, which I’m not).

Tanya doing her part to keep Singapore clean


We are in the big city now

More Buildings

and More buildings

After a long exausting day we went to the train station to head to Malaysia. It was a night train and I slept great, Tanya didn’t. After getting into Kuala Lumper (KL), we said our good byes to Jill and headed toward China Town in KL searching for cheap accmodation.

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