Skin to skin

Skin to skin (also known as kangaroo care) is the process of which the baby is placed right on top of your chest. The baby’s skin is in contact with your skin.¬†

There are a number of benefits to this skin to skin contact.


The most important benefit in my mind is the bonding that happens with skin to skin. And this is especially important for dads and moms with premies who didn’t get the skin to skin contact just after the birth of the baby.

When the baby is next to your skin, right under your neck, it starts to associate the comfort with your smell. This will create a bond between your baby and you. This is very important when your baby is in the NICU and you’re not around the baby 24 hours a day.

Regulate body functions

Skin to skin contact can help baby 

  • Regulate breathing rate
  • Regulate heart rate
  • Regulate temperature

This reduces stress for the baby and will result in a healthier and happier baby.

Improve milk flow (only for the moms)

Having the baby right next to the breast will improve the milk supply for mom. More milk means more nutrition which will mean a healthier baby.

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