Silk and Crazy House

As you knew from our last post, we were involved with a motorcycle tour, which took us around the sights of Da Lat. Of the many things we saw, the Silk Factory and the Crazy house, I thought could use some more information.

The que of cocoons

Silk comes from the silk worm, but in reality it is a caterpillar, which makes it an insect, not a worm. Caterpillars should be allowed to become a moth, but as you will soon know, this doesn’t happen. The first thing that happens, is the caterpillar is fed mulberry leaves, in a controlled environment (like on shelves, with a screen to protect it from predators). The caterpillar eats the leaves for about a month, after a month it is ready to change into a moth, so it spins a cocoon. A tiny thread is made and it covers the whole caterpillar.

Coccons, awaiting the boilding water

The cocoon is then put into boiling water to kill the insect. The thread is then placed on a high speed dethreading machine.

Boiling the cocoons

The unraveling machine, cocoons at the bottom in boiling water

Another view of the unraveling machine

And that is it, you have the thread, you use a loom to make the fabric.

A loom turns the thread into material

Pretty interesting, or at least I thought so, see the worm, then the cocoon, the boiling water, the high speed dethreader and the loom was pretty cool. As an added benefit, you can take the boiled caterpillars, add some seasoning and sell them at the markets as a tasty, salty, protein snack.

The other sight that we saw was the Crazy house. This place was CRAZY…seriously. A place like this may be built in Canada, however it would have never had passed the building code. If it did pass the code, there is no way the public would be allowed to wander around this complex. Railings were knee height, and there were many opportunities for someone to trip and fall over 3 meters to concrete landing. Although it did look pretty cool, here are some pictures.

The view from the courtyard


Another view

This pathway led to a 6m drop

An organic style was used

A swiss style was also used

An eagle protecting the egg

Creative Lighting

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    1. Kelly

      Ya, I haven’t tried them yet, but they are full of protein and with the right seasoning, they should be tasty. Chickens eat them and then we eat chickens.


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