Shelton Springs

Shelton springs is an amazing course. Long difficult holes packed with a ton of amenities. Shelton is a longer course than most others I have played and requires lay up shots to get close to the pin. Shelton is well designed and this flat course offers a number of in-common challenges.

The sun came out late in the game and allowed us to dry off a bit and throw a few dry discs

It rained at Shelton, nearly all day. We were soaked, but every so often the sun would come out. The hardest part about frolfing in the rain is the wet hands. If you can get a good grip on the disc, it is hard I have a good release. The disc towel was soaked and could only be used to wipe the dirt off. The sun came out late in the game, and allowed us to dry off a bit and play a few holes with dry discs.

Boyd throwing a tomahawk disc (overhand), read, aim, stick out the tongue and fire

We played two rounds at Shelton, which not easy to do.

Posted from Shelton, Washington, United States
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