Yes, we shamped:

Camping where any inconvenience is rectified by driving to the nearest store and purchasing whatever will make yo[u] more comfortable.

From Urban Dictionary

Calling delivery for Boston Pizza while at a provincial campground doesn’t make me proud, it did allow us to have a great dinner though, and at the moment, that made sense.

Have you have ever done this?

Posted from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
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6 thoughts on “Shamping

  1. John

    I have shamped. In fact, while shamping we came up with that definition and posted it to Urban Dictionary from the campsite via a friends BlackBerry.

    1. Kelly Hays Post author

      I remember that story and to this day, I use the term, which should be added to the Oxford dictionary (if twearking is there, so should shamping). Now everyone has a smart phone at a campsite though, so the definition might need to be updated to reflect modern times :).

  2. linda

    Hey, whatever works. You gotta eat!!!! Looks like everyone is having a good time. You never know, maybe your dad and I will try “shamping” some time as well!


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