When you stay put for a while you tend to get into a routine. Being at Mysore to do Yoga is no exception to this rule. Over the past couple of weeks we have developed quiet a routine. The routine is as follows:

5:45      Alarm goes off
5:51      Get out of bed and use the washroom (those that know me know that this is an important and time consuming part of my day)
6:07     Get Tanya out of bed
6:15      Eat breakfast
6:49      Leave for Yoga
7:15      Start the morning session of Yoga
9:17      Go get a coconut (I like them now, especially after yoga, they are so refreshing)
9:21       Get breakfast from Mahesh Prasad (it is so good and for $0.42, you can’t go wrong)
9:45      Have a shower
9:52      Make coffee (this is new luxury that has been missing from most of my travels in India)
10:01    Read my permacutlure textbook and drink coffee
10:50    Practice tablas
12:12    Leave for Tabla Lesson
2:02     Arrive back at home from tabla lesson and eat lunch
4:37      Get ready for the evening class of Yoga (if I go, I find doing 2 classes of yoga a bit much for a guy like me)
7:16      Go get some dinner (at Mahesh Prasad, it is so good and for $1.50, both of us eat (a Masala dosa and some Naan, and get a drink, like fresh juice, grape or pineapple).
8:07      Arrive back at home
9:28       Go to Bed

Although this doesn’t sound like the most desirable lifestyle, it is pretty close. Life is good here. It is kind of like being unemployed, and traveling at the same time. The place we are staying at has a kitchen. In the kitchen there is blender (we made watermelon mint juice once, and cashew butter). The house is so nice, with a garden outside and good coffee that only thing that is missing is my computer.

Posted from Mysore, Karnataka, India
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One thought on “Schedule

  1. Jessie

    You guys get up soo much earlier than we do:-) I’m glad you will make it out to SE Asia. Let me know if you want any more advice…

    xoxo Jessie (

    p.s. I promise to send you two cute pictures from the boat eventually …


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