There’s people on the street getting diseases from Monkeys
Ya that’s what I said, they’re getting disease from Monkeys…
Flight of the Conchords

I am reminded of this song as I sit in my hotel room. As I look out the window I see some small monkeys gathering food above some Indian houses. The people who live here are using slingshots to get rid of the pests.

Today we rode 42km. We got out of Goa this time, and now we are in this town called Savantvadi. The roads from Arambol were wonderful, (shaded, quiet, and rolling) until we got onto the Natiion Highway, in which the traffic picked up. We made a slow climb to the town, passing many cashew factories on the way.

Yesterday was a great day as well. It was a rest day in the beach town of Arambol. In the afternoon we went to the beach, walked up and down beach, enjoying the chilled out nature of this hippy mecca. After walking on the beach lost its appeal, we went to a beach bar and had a few drinks.

Fishing boats early in the morning

For dinner we decided to try the italian joint. Good choice, the ambience was like a pub. There was some good blues being played on the speakers. We ordered the Pizza, and when we were done, a band started to play, and the place was packed. It was very cool and completely different expirence from the night before (the booze-free vegan cafe).

Tomorrow will be a tough day. We plan to cycle 89km up the western ghats (a gain of 800m of elevation). We got petrol for our MSR whisperlite internation stove if needed. We also stocked up on ichiban noodles with some seasoned lentil paste for extra flavoring.

Posted from Sawantwadi, Maharashtra, India
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