Sadhana Forest – Tanya’s Perspective

I thought I’d write another post about our time at Sadhana Forest. Kelly, as you’ve read, was busy everyday working on a specialized project because of his mad Forestry skills.  I, on the other hand, got to learn and do a wide variety of different tasks:

  • Developing an irrigation system in preparation for the upcoming monsoon (aka – digging trenches!)
  • Working on the creation of new garden beds and plots (aka – digging dirt from one location and moving it to another)
  • Helping to create organic, vegan meals in the kitchen (aka – peeling and chopping 100 cloves of garlic or de-seeding 30 or so pomegranates at any given time)
  • Maintaining the composting toilet system (aka – poop scooping)
  • Processing mulch (aka – breaking branches and twigs)
  • And more….!


It has been so much fun though doing this work and I’ve learned a lot!
Our day basically went like this:
Wake up call at 6:00 am
First work is at 6:30-8:30
Breakfast from 8:30-9:30 which is usually porridge with fruit salad
Second work from 9:30-11:30
After that it’s time for a nice bucket of cold water to wash up, then its lunch, which is typically Brown rice, Dal (lentil stew) and one or two salads.
After lunch is mostly free time (unless you’re helping to cook dinner), in which there are often activities you can do if you want to.  A few times a week we’d go into town on our bicycles to use the computer or get additional food.  Dinner is at 5:30 which varies, but is usually something like a soup, a grain, and a salad, sometimes a desert!

After dinner there is always something going on, often there will be a movie or even an open-mic night which is really fun.

Alternative Power


Washing Station

The Kitchen

We’ve met so many great people and had a fantistic time at Sadhana Forest!

Posted from Pattanur, Tamil Nadu, India
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7 thoughts on “Sadhana Forest – Tanya’s Perspective

  1. Jack

    Tanya, your AKA,s are very descriptive. I trust everything is to your satisfaction, aka, you are having a good time.

  2. Doris

    I hope your day will be a special one.
    Have a great birthday and enjoy!
    Love you and miss you …

  3. Tanya

    Thanks! Yes, we are having a great time! We went to a fusion jazz/indian music concert last night and then out to a nice dinner for my birthday, it was great…though tonight on my actual birthday we are taking a night bus to Mysore…not quite so much fun!

    1. Kelly

      The oven is great, you guys should build one, it will give Jim something to do (AKA something to complain about). We are having a great time, it is hard to believe that 4 months has passed since we have been gone.

  4. Cath

    Hey Tanya,
    It’s weird being t Embun Pagi with out youz around. Hope to meet up again soon. Fun to read about your time in Sadhana — I’m just describing it to a friend of mine.

    x C

    1. Tanya

      Thanks Cath, it was great to see you again at Embun Pagi. We are still in KL, enjoying our air-conditioned guesthouse room with wi-fi! Stay in touch!


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