Royal Enfield

A couple of Months ago I had this idea. Stop cycling, send them home, buy a Royal Enfield and ride the Enfield up to Nepal, renew our visa and then tour northern India. Tanya didn’t like the idea much, and for good reason: I had never driven a motorcycle; and India is a hard place to drive. The idea never materialize and life went on.

Royal Enfield is a company that produces Motorcycles. The bikes are built on 1940’s technology (except for a few things, like disc brakes) and are really easy to fix (no fuel injection, no electronics). It is hard to describe what an Enfield sounds like, but I could always pick one out when cycling by sound. They have a distinctive “put put put” sound, which sounds very cool. While here in Mysore there was an Enfield parked here (someone staying here owns one). It is a 500, the most popular Enfield is a 350 and you can get a deisel modle. I took some pictures of the Enfield to remind me of my flimsy dream of riding a motorcycle in India.

One day after writing this post we came home from lunch and saw not one but two very nice Beautiful Enfields parked outside our guest house. Two visitors owned the bike, one of the visitors builds them (the part areĀ  cheap here). One bike looked like a classic and it was a nice, lots of chrome, the other was painted flat black and looked more like a chopper (however the pictures don’t do it justice).

Posted from Mysore, Karnataka, India
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