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To survive in the desert there are a few things that you need to know. First of all, what are you going to eat. If you are carrying all your gear, you want something that is quick and easy, and that tastes good as well. Here is a good example of good food, that is good for you, does not take too long and is easy to pack. PBH and Banana (if you can find them) tortilla. Yes that is right, Peanut butter and Honey with Banana tortilla. It tastes great and is easy. You can also squish tortillas as much as you want and they stay the same. Tanya demonstrates how to make them.

Fresh tortillas, peanut butter and banana

Roll like you would any tortilla

And eat, delicious

Now we are at the Sea of Cortez, only 60km from some of the nicest beaches in Mexico and they are calling for rain and clouds for the next week. It is frustrating, I think the whole peninsula is covered in cloud. Riding in the rain is not that much fun. Oh well, such is life, we will play it by ear and see if we can find some sun.

Right now we are in this small little town call Santa Rosilia. It is pretty cool, there is this small valley that the town is built into. Did some walking around the today and it has a different fell then the other Mexican towns. This place was a French town. Eiffel (who designed the Eiffel tower) designed the church here and the church was built in France and transported here by boat. The idea never took off, but Eiffel wanted to sell these to the Catholic church to help spread Christianity quickly. There is also a French bakery, so we will be checking that out.

Posted from Santa RosalĂ­a, Baja California Sur, Mexico
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