Distance: 93kms
Roads: Excellent
Traffic: Light
Scenery: Great!

Today was a big day as we want to arrive in Badami farily early tomorrow.

Most of the day was spent on a secondary highway, really light traffic and a sholder to ride on the whole way, though we fought a bit of a headwind.

The last 30 kms were were on a small country road, passed lots of farms, it was such a nice ride! The road was lined with trees, providing some much needed shade from the hot tropical sun.   Most of the dogs in India are really really lazy and don’t do anything when they see you, on this road they were a little more lively and we had to get off our bikes and yell at them a few times.

We passed a massive antient Fort on the way, would have been cool to check out but it was the end of a long day and we we just wanted to get into town and find a place to stay, there will be lots of stuff to see in the next town.

We pulled into Ramdurgh and while Kelly checked out a room, the bike and I drew quite a crowd (about 100 Indian males), it was crazy, the must not see crazy westerners on bicycles very often here!  Now as I write this, I am driking a pepsi in our “hotel” room (no cockroach sitings yet so that is good) and Kelly is driking beer and watching Rocky on the only English channel.  We will check out this town more on our way out in the morning, I don’t think we want to deal with anymore crowns today.

Posted from Rankalkoppa, Karnataka, India
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