Put the lime in the Cocconut

A line of coconuts, ready to cut open and drank

In India there are these carts in which coconuts are stacked. Usually around these stands are people sucking the coconut juice out of the coconut with a straw. It looks very tasty and interesting. Today we decided to find out what exactly a coconut drink was like.

We went up to the stand and asked for one (Rs15), the guy at the stand picks one up, spins the coconut around so that it is positioned perfectly in his hand and then with a curved knife, he swiftly chops off the top of the coconut.

With great skill, he opens the coconut with a machete[/caption]

He does it very quickly (I was only able to get one photo of him doing it). Then you put a straw in it and start drinking.

This is your cup

You would think it would taste delicious, and exotic. But you will be surprised that it tastes like salty water. It wasn’t that tasty, and I’m not sure why they are so popular here. Maybe they are really good at replenishing your electrolytes (palm trees are very tolerant of salt water maybe because they store it in their fruit). Maybe if we tried a different type of coconut we will have better luck.

When you are in a different country you have to try new things and we did. Sometimes you find real gems (like fish tacos) other times you find things like this.


Although I wasn’t a huge fan when I first drank this stuff, it is actually pretty good after you have done something physical activity. Kind of like a natural Gatorade, I cam to love this stuff after the yoga practice, a perfect way to cool down in the 30 degree weather. Another note, it is pretty good for hangovers as well.

8 thoughts on “Put the lime in the Cocconut

  1. Jack

    A coconut experience! Your dad and I had a similar one when we were in the Dominican, but as I recall the coconut juice was quite tasty. Maybe that was cuz it was laced with a splash of rum.

  2. Cassandra

    I drank from a coconut in St. Martin, and my experience was like yours, not that impressed. I did enjoy breaking off pieces of coconut and eating it though.

    1. Kelly

      We didn’t eat it, we just through it into the bush, not knowing that you could eat it. I am going to try it again and see if I can get a good one, and if not, I will bring some rum just in case.

  3. Amy

    My friend from Malaysia LOVES coconut but not hte canadian kind. The coconut meat in Malaysia is soft & you can eat it with a spoon. IT was hilarious when she first tried the Canadian version.. she thought it was so funny we had to break it open wiht a nail/hammer & that the meat was hard. She said it was gross here!

    1. Kelly

      Canadian Coconuts? You mean the coconuts that are grown somewhere tropical and shipped to Canada. From what I know, there is only one kind of coconut, and the one in Malaysia are fresh, and the ones in Canada are not fresh, it would be like have a grape and comparing it to a raisin.


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