Presenting Oliver Hays

Tanya and I have added a new member to our family, Oliver came into this world kicking and screaming 5 weeks early and weighing only 2 pounds and 10 ounces. Oliver was delivered via a cesarian section and is being cared for by the amazing NICU staff.

A new chapter

This is a new chapter for Tanya and I and we are excited to have a beautiful baby boy now part of our family. About a week ago we learned the baby was struggling in Tanya and that the baby would have to be delivered prematurely. The last week has been stressful as we have had to deal with the stress of this small baby, daily monitoring and a week long hospital visit.

Now that Oliver has been born, we are relieved and visit him as much as we can. It is such a treasure to have this tiny human look into our eyes and we are looking forward to the days ahead.

He’s a fighter

Oliver is turning out to be a tough little guy. upon birth, his lungs were mature and he came out kicking and screaming. We were so glad to hear his scream in the operating room, both Tanya and I know that he will do great.

Over the past few weeks, both Tanya and I have heard countless stories about babies smaller then ours that turn out to be completely healthy and strong babies, babies and adults. I am convinced that he will be strong kid and soon enough he will be pushing me around and asking for the car.

The road ahead

We have been warned that the road ahead won’t be the easiest, but we are ready. As a general rule, Oliver will be in the NICU until at least his original due date (about ¬†5 weeks away), and that will mean a lot of trips from home to hospital, feeding him and providing kangaroo care. We are ready for the challenge and we know that this will result in a healthy strong baby.

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