The rising Sun

Tanya and I are rolling over our boated belly’s reminiscing about the dinner we just had. We splurged (we have been doing that a lot lately) on dinner. A buffet, and it was very tasty (and only Rs400 each). Pondycherry has been good. The four days we have been here have passed quickly, which is surprising as there are no real sights to see here. There is however good food, great service and exceptional value.

The Beachfront of Pondycherry

Pillars stand tall surrounding the Gandhi Statue

Pondycherry is a union territory of India, and a former French colony. The result is a super clean town that holds onto its French culture with more automy then the average city. It is still India though, there are rickshaws and the smell of raw sewage still enters you noise. You forget about these realities when you are reminded of the cheap beer though.

Waves come crashing in

I awoke today to the sound of a Muslim prayer call. I was awake so I got out of bed to see what Pondycherry looked like at 6am. To my surprise, the ocean front was packed full of Indian tourists. There were hundreds of people, kids running around, people meditating, people doing yoga, and people sitting on rocks, facing the ocean waiting for the sun to rise. And it rose, quickly, leaving a orange reflection upon the choppy ocean. I snapped off a couple of pictures, and wandered down the heritage building lined steets. I stumbled across a bakery, I got a chocolate danish and some bread and headed back to our guest house. The baked goods were great (just like everything else you can eat in this town).

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One thought on “Pondycherry

  1. Jack

    Those are some very nice early morning pictures, Kelly. Guess you may be stuck with waking up early in the morning, as I too am afflicted that way. This am I went for a walk around the park here, and it was so peaceful and quiet. I think that early am is the best time of the day. Tanya and Jack just don’t know what they are missing!
    Love MOM


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