Photo Wall

I have been wanting to do a photo wall since I moved into my current residence. I wanted to have a number of images from our travels displayed in a way that looked slightly elegant. With 7 simple frames from Ikea, a measuring tape and a level, I created a layout right about the main desk in our work area.

The Open Road

The theme for the photo wall is The Open Road and consists of the images that Tanya and I took while traveling. Since so many of our travels have been by bike, we wanted to show the less glamorous part of towns and cities we saw on and off the bicycle. These photos span many countries, including

  • Nepal
  • India
  • Cambodia
  • Mexico

Black and white and theme

I have to give Tanya full credit the theme and the choice by using black and white. Black and white photos are much easier to fit together and make the wall look classy (or at least not tacky as would be the case if I used colour photos). The theme Tanya came up with was brilliant. This theme allowed us to showcase photos that we don’t usually look at by bring back great memories of our travels.

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