For the past few days we have been in the town/island called Penang. Situated closely off the coast of North West Malaysia, Penang was where the British first colonized in Malaysia. The town is great, both Tanya and I really enjoy it here, there are so trees and greenery, hills and heritage buildings, it is a great place to be. We have been lucky enough to meet up with Balan (Balan took the PDC course with us back in the middle of May). It was great, Balan and his wife (Chithra) welcomed us into their home, showed us around Penang and made our visit to Penang truly memorable.

There are many sights to see in Penang and we have seen quiet a few. There is the Penang hill, a 800m tall hill that overlooks the main city of Penang, there was also the Ban Po Thar (largest Buddhist temple in Malaysia), The sleeping Buddha, The Burmese Buddhist temple, the old town and the Thai Consulate (we got our Thai Visas). Some we saw on our own, and others we saw with Balan and his family. So far our stay here has been wonderful, tomorrow we are heading out a farm on the island (we met the farm manager at the PDC) to help out the farm.

Posted from Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia
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2 thoughts on “Penang

  1. Teresa

    Hi Kelly,

    I am visiting Penang in June. I have just completed a PDC course in Aust & would love the opportunity to visit a permaculture farm in Penang.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    Thank You


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