Passing through Kushtagi

To Kushtagi Distance: 68km – major headwinds Roads: Excellent Traffic:  very light Scenery: Rural

After a few days off of cycling, a couple of which we were sick, it felt really good to be back on the bikes.

Once again the roads and the infrequent traffic were great for cycling. We arrived in Kushtagi mid-afternoon.  There is only one Lodge in town and it was fairly nasty, dirty enough that we decided to just keep on our filthy cycling clothes on until it was bed time because there was no shower (so as to keep the clothes we usually change into cleaner).  Luckily though, Kelly found the stairs to the roof of the hotel and it was awesome up there, we just relaxed in the shade, and forgot all about the hotel room.

We went for dinner which was an event in itself, we just ordered until they understood something (even then they brought Kelly a Chai instead of the Thali here ordered), dinner left much to be desired so I ate about 4 bananas afterwards!  We went to bed (in our tent laid on top of the mattress) at 8pm, watched “Friends” on the English channel, and both had a great sleep, and we were happy to get up early the next morning to leave.

Posted from Kushtagi, Karnataka, India
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3 thoughts on “Passing through Kushtagi

  1. Amy

    The joys of sketchy hotels!!!

    I want to wish you both a SUPER MERRY CHRISTMAS :) :) Miss you…

    And a lady I work with is from India. I showed her your photos from this trip & your last India trip… she really enjoyed them..

  2. The Fankhanels

    Hi Guys,

    What an awesome sight, we have been following along on your amazing adventure.
    Wanted to wish you both a Very Merry Christmas.

    Gladys, Richard, Michelle, and Lindsay


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