Alegreya and Fontin Sans

I have a hard time finding two fonts that work together. To make matters worse, I have no training in this. When I try to pair a couple of fonts, I am doing it by just guessing. For the new design I am working on, I picked two fonts that I thought would look good together, have similar characteristics and were free (as in free beer). My choices were


I really like the way this looks for headings. When you pick the font weight of Black it has so much character and yet is still easy to read. To me it is confidant, interesting yet refined enough (but not too refined). I also like how you get a large number of weights and styles with it as well, so there is limit to this font except your imagination.

Fontin Sans

For the second font I wanted something that was easy to read, and since I used a Serif font for the headings, I wanted to use a sans-serif for the body. Fontin Sans has some character, which isn’t too different from Alegreya. With a similar x-height and feel to Alegreya, I thought these fonts would be nicely paired together.

I don’t Know

Like I said before, I have no idea if these work together, so if you think they look good, or bad, leave a comment.

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