One day left in PG, and this is what our living room looks like…apparently we need to get our carpet cleaned.

Yep, that is all our possessions, sitting there, waiting to be packed, trashed, donated or shipped to storage. Exciting times. Tanya has been off for a day now, and my last day is tomorrow. Friday we drive to Edmonton, on Tuesday we head to Mumbai. I passed my RPF exam, it is a good feeling, so is the feeling knowing that we are going to be leaving for a year, on an adventure. It will be like Indiana Jones, or Lord of the Rings. The only difference being that there is no ring, I am not a hobbit, there is no archeological article to find and we will be on our bicycles. Its going to be sweet, I can’t wait.

We have about 20 hours of airplane travel ahead of us, which makes me think about what Al Gore said once:

Airplane travel is nature’s way of making you look like your passport photo.

Posted from Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
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6 thoughts on “Packing??

  1. Tanya

    Don’t let Kelly fool you…this is not all of our possessions…plenty more around the corner, down the hall, as well as scattered around various garages and basements in two different provinces…thanks to all who have helped (temporarily) keep some of our stuff…very appreciated!

  2. Diana and Eric

    Your living room truly brings back memories for us of packing to go to Portugal :), clothes, suitcases and nothing but good times ahead!
    Enjoy your adventure and we’ll “chat” with you soon.


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