Orcha is a small town, very small, (8000 in the town, and 20000 in the surrounding area). We arrived here in the afternoon. From the train it took about 30 min to get here, on the highway, I didn’t know that there were highways in India, I have never seen one until now. It was pretty cool, as we were approaching on the rickshaw, you could see all these ruins, and we were headed right for them. It was pretty sweet.


Old style window, with decay


Orcha is really a relaxed place. There shop owners here are not aggressive when you walk by their store, people listen to you when you say “No, I don’t want that” and it is a lot quieter, especially at night, there is no noise. There are tons of old temples, castle, places of worship (Hindu), most of the builders are all Hindu it was very cool. The last few days here have been very quiet, and not much has happened, which is really nice. The food here is cheaper than any other place. The food is also a lot better here. One place we went to we had a taste of 6 different type of curry, all it cost was Rs50 ($1), and it was all you could eat, and it tasted so amazing, I ate as much as I could. That seems to happen a lot here, I over eat a lot, and it is because the food is so damn good. We were invited to eat dinner on in the back, this meant we had to walk through the kitchen that the food was cooked. All things considered it was extremely clean, and didn’t deter me from eating there at all. From the back of the house you could see this nice palace, the only thing that was covering our view of the palace was laundry. Kind of funny, and all part of the experience.

Walking through the halls

The next day we went to see that same palace, and it was very nice. I was too busy taking picture to remember what the tour guide was talking about. I did get some cool pictures, you will just have to wait for all of them. The one to your left is a picture of an old window (before they had glass).

A not so tasty coke like beverage, for when coke isn’t available.

After this palace we had the choice to go do a village tour. Which was cool, it was Rs200. The tour guide was from this small little town, and it was quite the eye opener. I have never been to Africa, but I would imagine it would be very similar, maybe more people in India have some money, and there are very few orphans here, but it is very poor. The average Indian make Rs18 a day, which is pretty crazy, but you see the village and you can understand. We were able to take our cameras and take some pictures. Kid just love having their pictures taken and then looking at them afterward. When I get home I want to print all these pictures and send them to the kids, for some of them, it might be the only picture they will ever get of themselves.

After this, we had some dinner and went to bed. Today is just bumbing around town day, I get to spend it updating this thing, later today we are going to get a cooking class, which I am really looking forward to and then it is a midnight train to somewhere, and we will be getting on some boats and floating down the ganges river (the holiest river in world, or something like this).

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  1. Anonymous

    Wow, it sounds like you two are having an awesome time. Your mom and I enjoy your blog, we are always checking to see whats new.Thanks and keep it up


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