Orcha 2

This is the second entry for a town that I liked so much. After the village tour we went to a paper mill. This was pretty cool. Once again I didn’t really pay much to what was going on, too busy taking pics. This is a cool place, they take the old clothing, then they separate into into colours and material, turn the scraps into pulp and then they make paper. Well that is the shortened version of what happens, I don’t really know for sure, I took some pictures. This is a way for some of the people to get money that would not be working otherwise and all the products are environmentally safe.

If you were to buy some of these products in Canada you would pay stupid amounts for it, it is dirt cheap here. It has a trendy feel and look to it. It is pretty neat stuff, I bought a big note pad, my first material purchase here.

The best pat about learning how to make Indian food is eating it afterwards.

After this paper mill we were off to get a cooking lesson, well sort of a cooking lesson, it was more of watch an Indian lady make dinner in front of you and then eat it. It was neat to see how the food is made, and I did learn some techniques. So I guess it was a cooking lesson. The food was delicious and there was beer there too, and it was cheaper there then anywhere else (Rs80) for 650ml, sweet. I also took some pictures of the food being prepared. I got a time 9 shots in about 3 seconds of how they make chapati. A chapati is like a pita bread, it is pretty sweet how they make it, you mix the flour and what not, and it is like pizza dough, then you roll it nice and flat. Once it is flat you cook it on a pan for a few seconds, and then you take it and place it on a flame and it puffs up and looks like an circular foot ball. That was pretty sweet, after this we ate the food and it was very tasty.

The next step was to head for the train. Trains this time of year don’t really work as well as they should. This time of year Delhi is foggy in the evening and in the morning. This fog causes a lot of problems. For starters our train was late, after dinner we rushed back to the hotel, picked up our luggage and then headed for the train station to get there by 9:30. The train was 2 hours late when we arrived. By the time we actually got on the train it was 3 hours late. No big deal right? We get on, sleeper class, bunk beds, really comfortable. The AC was working when we went to bed, but when we woke up it was off. It was so hot, I couldn’t sleep any longer, I got up at 6:30, and no one else was up. So I waited, our train was supposed to get to the station at 6:30, but it was late, so it should of got in at 9:30. The thing with trains is, once you start to get late, the problem just compounds and you become later and later.

We got off the train at 2pm. We were on the train for more than 24 hours. It was major late, and it was not a lot of fun. No big deal, we get off the train and head for bus. We had a plan, some sights to see, there is a festival that happens only once every 7 years in the town we got off at, and this was year seven, but since we were so far behind schedule we couldn’t see anything, which was really too bad, our tour leader was looking forward to it, so it must of been good.

To make matters worse, we were supposed to get on a boat about noon and float down a river to a campsite (well a sand bar, but a flat place to set up a tent). We were so late that we drove to the campsite. We got in this bus, which looked nice on the outside, once we got inside we realized that it was designed for Indians (I am the one of the tallest people in the country right now, they are a

ll so short). We drove down and road, the road was paved, but not very smooth, none the less this was not a pleasant experience. We get to the place we were supposed to and eat a good dinner and then go to bed in a tent which was very nice.

Posted from Orachha, Madhya Pradesh, India
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  1. Anonymous

    It’s interesting to hear about experiences on public transport. I guess this will help you when you are back here and stuck in traffic or something, maybe it wont seem so bad 😉 Altho all your experiences may not be fabulous (re: 24 hours on a train), i still think it’s great. You are experiencing life this the ppl there. How cool. Keep on posting :)


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